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Half a Year


I sure come and I go, don’t I?  One moment I am here, clipping along, being all duktig and such, making posts and keeping up with everything, and the next, I go for three months without anything productive on the writing front.

Excuses?  The usual…homeschool, baby, thesis, classes, washing diapers.  Somehow I always seem to be caught up in something.  I forget that there is a whole future coming up quickly, and there will be someone in the future who might value this peek into the past…maybe even my own children.  And if it is not all for them, then who is it for?

I am mostly-content with life these days.  I enjoy my work, and for all the harassment it is sometimes to always be reachable and “on call” when a client or a developer wants/needs to speak with me, I am deeply appreciative of the freedom working from home gives me.  I like being challenged and learning new things about technology, and I feel like I am gaining valuable work experience, even if it comes at the cost of my thesis sometimes.

Occupying is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It is complexly rewarding to be building a community with so many passionate, dedicated people, but it is quite challenging.  Some days I wonder why I bother, but most days I am just grateful that we are all waking up, however slowly.  Even as our oldest son is shaking the nest and challenging us, questioning our authority, he is growing to deeply appreciate the things we hold dear.  We are watching him become a man swiftly before our eyes, and I know I do not merely speak for myself when I say that my heart is bursting with pride whenever I see him hold conversations, understand the topics of discussion, or work hard on props for guerrilla street theatre.

We really, truly, have Occupied Our Lives.

Can you believe that this youngest son is almost 6 months old?  I took his 5 month pictures today finally (only a couple of weeks late, heh) and he was all over the place, wriggling this way and that, grabbing the “5 Months” sticker, his feet, the camera, my hair.  He was cordial, but very antsy.  He was just as could be expected.  Almost 6 months….half his first year!

Can you believe Occupy is that old?

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