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At the Speed of Light

Crazy full day.  Process and Facilitation Working Group meeting kickstarted my otherwise slow day and sent it hurtling headlong into a General Assembly, followed by dinner eating with great haste and an unexpected trip with all the kids and little ole me to the local CraftyCon, where all the kids except El Gato spent their withdrawals from their Bank of Mom and Dad accounts as quickly as possible.

Muse and Dream bought teeny tiny matching top hats, and Bean found the perfect steampunky necklace with a sort of wooden key, gear and winged skull painted on wood and strung on brushed metal (which unfortunately broke when he played with the key tip).  Hershaw found an upcycled pop tab necklace and a hand-screened bandana with a mustache-adorned skull, and O picked up a bright pink monster amigurumi.  We found a pirate bib for El Gato and a bar of Hemp Champa soap for Mr K (his favorite stuff all crammed into a little bar!).  I replaced my long-lost-and-forgotten-about nosering as well, much to Muse’s chagrin, as she wanted me to let her get her nose pierced.  *sigh*  They all have grown up so fast.

Lots of wonderful stuff about this day….a Mama I also Occupy and do the academia thing with brought bags of imagination clothes from her swiftly aging children to give to our own quickly growing kids, so these fantastic costumes can live again in the games of new kids.  The afore-mentioned hyper-masculine dudes both came to the general assembly, but neither was too much of an asshat to deal with.  We made some headway with planning our DIY life-reclamation zine, which just talking about makes me feel like I want to jump up and down and run around with a glue stick and hand-cut embellishments.  I heard a fellow Occupier you also has roots in the punk scene talking about how they used to make copies back, and I grinned.  So much nostalgia….I mean who would have THOUGHT we would be here in 2012 making a zine again???

Muse went to a local teen club with her friend (and her older brother) for the first time on Friday.  I feel like I am literally blinking as she ages another 2 years, then another 5, then another, and another….  It seems like yesterday she was carrying around Maggies and demanding that we lift her up so she could tilt her little blond pigtails and look at the VHS movie choices.  (Her youngest siblings have never even really seen a VHS cassette, yikes!)  Now she is getting her period and boys are adorable and smell good and she wears pink mascara to impress them.

Did I mention that all of my post-partum hair loss has yielded to a healthy crop of nearly universally grey hair?

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