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Of Food and Work

As angry as it made me to watch, The World According to Monsanto was a documentary well done.  The Food Working Group hosted a viewing of it tonight to both kick off a series of movie nights focused around food justice and food liberation (among other things, I am sure), and a lot more people showed up than I thought would!  Mr K made really delicious popcorn and got me and El Gato out the door in time to not be disruptive and late, and even though his little almost-6-month-old self was not really able to handle a movie for the whole thing (he also went through two diapers, had a mini-battle with me over trying to put a squishy baby puff thing in his mouth that he knew he could pick up on his own, and sang/cooed/talked at the movie) but I was still able to hear it from the hallway.

I knew a lot of the reasons why Monsanto was nothing short of a terrifying multinational behemoth bent on making profits rank over people down to the very last dying human being, but this movie really pulled them all together and put them in high relief against a backdrop of human stories and numerous interviews.  Some of this story I had never even heard….like the dumping of PCBs in Alabama, the fact that Monsanto had itself all wrapped up in bovine growth hormone for a long time, until consumer response turned the tide.

This brings up an interesting point.  It is worthwhile to consider that consumer response is far more powerful than we think.  We just have to do so: THINK.  If we don’t want Monsanto to someday have patents on the very food we need for survival while forcing us to farm such food in a way that is ultimately poisoning us and the environment, then we need to say so.  GMOs are labeled in Europe because the consumers demanded it, not so here…where you only know if a food is free of GMOs, not that it contains them.

Needless to say, I am all fired up about our garden this year….instead of victory gardens we now have survival gardens, I guess.

I have hit a pretty even keel at work….where I have a bunch of things I do all the time and I most of the time do them well.  I still feel stupid a lot, but I am over the steepest peak of the learning curve for the most part.  I can’t say I love my job more than working in the human rights world or academia full time, but I think a bunch of part time gigs are alright for now…academia, work, house stuff.  It all nestles pretty well under my full-time gig of Mamahood (even if I feel like I only did part time some days, at least in the perspective of a kid).

Not so sure there is going to be a huge project with a big client this year like there was for the last two, but the springtime is still young (and technically, not even here yet…that is next week) and all.  Probably not such a bad thing with this academic conference I am all heads over heels for in May.

Viva la….something.


Avocado and pears, anyone?

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